Destination Israel, a Nations Online Country Profile of the only Jewish country in the world.


The Jewish state is located in a region regarded by Jews, Christians, and Muslims as the biblical Holy Land.  

The triangular-shaped country is part of the Middle East with a coast-line at the Mediterranean Sea, its southern tip connects it to the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea). Israel borders Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian territories (West Bank and the Gaza Strip),it also shares maritime borders with .

The country covers an area of 22,072 km², making it slightly larger than half the size of Denmark, or somewhat bigger than the US state of New Jersey.

Israel's landscape features a populated coastal plain in the west, the sparsely inhabited Negev desert in the south, and the mountain ranges of the Galilee in the north, coastal Mount Carmel, and the basaltic plateau of the Golan. Situated in the Jordan Rift Valley is the Sea of Galilee, also known as the miraculous Lake of Gennesaret or Lake Tiberias, the world's lowest freshwater lake (-212 m (696 ft)). The Lower Jordan River connects the lake with the Dead Sea, the famous salt lake bordering Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. The surface of the Dead Sea and its shores are 430.5 m (1,412 ft) below sea level, making it Earth's lowest elevation on dry land.

Israel has a population of 9.15 million people (in 2020),spoken languages are Hebrew and Arabic. The largest and most populous city and designated capital of the country is Jerusalem. But Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem is internationally disputed. The country's financial center is Tel Aviv, which is also home to almost all foreign diplomatic missions and embassies in Israel.